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Conference of Russian Dermatoscopy Society

Актив сайта на стенде Общества дерматоскопииThe special two-day conference of Russian Dermatoscopy Society was organized during 2EAAD Congress in Moscow on March 22 and 23, 2012. About 150 dermatologists and oncologists attended to Society breakout sessions and symposia. On March 22, the 1st Russian consensus meeting on dermatoscopy nomenclature was convened with intense discussion following preliminary online voting by over 300 clinicians. On March 23, the Head of Russian Dermatoscopy Initiative, Vasily Y. Sergeev MD, Ph.D. declared the successfull completion of 2009-2012 programme of Russian Dermatoscopy Society, resulting with serial production of RDS-1 HD multispectral videodermatoscope and development of national teledermoscopy network. The device was on display at the Society booth during 2EAAD.

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