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Dermatogy in Russia: 2013 final report

The highly-motivated, professional audience of 'Dermatology in Russia' e-learning framework has grown towards 11000 by the end of 2013. Dermatologists of Russia and other CIS states published more that 4000 thoroughly illustrated clinical and dermoscopic cases, posted over 600 medical blog entries and discussion threads with over 28 thousand comments. Hundreds of Russian-speaking dermatologists participate in clinical contests, solve online diagnostic puzzles, manage the editorial workflow and keep active several task forces. The e-journal Dermatology in Russia is rapidly shifting towards international, peer-reviewed, professional media portal and free access online publication.

In a year, we have conducted 127 major 2-hour videoconferences, embracing over 10 thousand clinicians in Russia and neighboring countries. In just this timeframe, the faculty of our education network - top opinion leaders of Russian dermatology and venereology - had answered over 2000 questions.

We wish you a happy and productive New Year.