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I Russian Congress of Dermatoscopy and Optical Diagnosis of Skin

21 мар 2013 - 10:00
22 мар 2013 - 17:00
Общество дерматоскопии и оптической диагностики кожи International Dermoscopy Society


Крокус Экспо
МКАД, 65 км

The First Russian Congress of Dermatoscopy and Optical Diagnosis of Skin will take place in Moscow, 21-22 March, 2013 during VI IFDC.  

The Congress organizer is Russian Society of Dermatoscopy and Optical Diagnosis of Skin with official support of International Dermoscopy Society and Interregional Society of Teledermatology. 

Congress Venue: Crocus Expo Conference Center, Pavillion 3

Congress President: Professor Yuri V. Sergeev, President of Russian Dermatoscopy Society

Congress Programme

March 21

10:00–10:30. Plenary Meeting

Co-chairs: Sergeev Y.V., Potekaev N.N., Demidov L.V., Shuginina E.A.


Results of Russian Dermatoscopy Society Innovation Programme: 2009-2012. Success of Russian dermatoscope RDS-1 and the all-national teledermoscopy network

Sergeev V.Y.
Russian Society of Dermatoscopy, Moscow, Russia


10:30–11:00. Workshop 1. Dermatoscopy in the daily practice of oncologist.
Chair: Getman A.D., Neo-Clinic II, Tumen, Russia


11:00–11.30. Workshop 2. Dermatoscopy as an early diagnostic option for pigmented skin cancer
Chair: Dobrovolskiy V.E., SOKVD 2, Nizhniy Tagil, Russia


11:45–12.45. Breakout session 1. Organizing and practicing dermatoscopy

Co-chairs: Sergeeva I.G., Kushkin D.N., Sinelnikov I.E.


Dermatoscopy: legal regulations and managing experience

Kushkin D.N.
ОАО Medicine, Moscow


Dermatoscopy and other options of screening for melanoma

Utyashev I.A.
RAMS N.N. Blokhin Oncology Center, Moscow


Dermatoscopy for the elderly patient

Sergeeva I.G.

Novosibirsk National Research University


Experience with new Russian automated screening system “Skin passport”

Kudrin K.G.

A.I. Gertsen Research Oncology Institute, Moscow

12:45–13.15. Round table meeting 1. Towards unified Russian protocol of dermatoscopic examination

Co-chairs: Getman A.D., Sergeev A.Y., Neretin E.Y.



13:30–15:00. Breakout session 2. Dermatoscopy in diagnosis of skin cancer

Co-chairs: Dreval D.A., Ustinov M.V., Dragun G.V.


The potential of complex pre-invasive diagnosis of melanoma

Neretin E.Y.
State medical University, Samara


Using visualization methods in complex evaluation of skin neoplasms and therapeutic impact

Kusaya N.V.

Pacific State Medical University, Vladivostok


Benign and not. On complexity of differential diagnosis in dermatoscopy

Sirmais N.S.

FMBA IQG of Russia, Moscow


Analog dermatoscopy at the screening stage
by clinician: choosing the best criteria

Averina V.I.

Clinical hospital Theophania, Kiev, Ukraine


Clinical series from daily practice in Moscow, Russia

Sinyavin D.Y.

 ОАО Medicine, Moscow


15:00–15:45. Meeting of Russian Expert Corps of Dermatoscopy

Co-chairs: Getman A.D., Dobrobolskiy V.E., Sergeev A.Y. 

March 22

11:45–13.15. Symposium 1. Optical coherence tomography in dermatology

Chair: Petrova G.A.


Applied aspects of OCT in contemporary dermatology and aesthetic medicine

Petrova G.A.

Nizhniy Novgorod State medical academy


OCT: influence of melanin on skin imaging with possibilities of in vivo diagnosis of melanoma

Garanina O.E.
Nizhniy Novgorod State medical academy


Morphological and functional properties in skin of neonate

Shlivko I.L.

Nizhniy Novgorod State medical academy


Smoking and properties of skin as seen by OCT

Ellinskiy D.O.

Nizhniy Novgorod State medical academy


The potential of OCT in diagnosing nail pathology

Nezhnakhina M.S.

Nizhniy Novgorod State medical academy



13:30–14.00. Workshop 3. Dermatoscopy in diagnosis of scabies

Chair: Malyarchuk A.P., department of dermatology, Moscow Postgraduate Education Institute


14:00–14.30. Workshop 4. Trichoscopy and microimaging of hair in diagnosis of alopecia

Chair: Tkachev V.P., Course of medical trichology, Russian Peoples Friendship Institute, Moscow


14:30–15.00. Workshop 5. Dermatoscopy in diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma.

Chair: Dreval D.A., MEDEM International clinic, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


15:15–16.30. Symposium 2. Whats new in fluorescence and multispectral diagnosis of skin

Co-chairs: Loschenov V.B., Sergeev V.Y., Utz S.R.


Fluorescence diagnostics and photodynamic treatment in dermatology: what’s new in Russian technology?

Loschenov V.B.

RAS Institute of General Physics, Moscow



Fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy in diagnosing skin disease and common cancers

Novikov I.A.
RAMS Institute of Eye Diseases, Moscow


Russian stroboscopic fluorescent imaging systems for diagnosing skin disease

Borodkin A.V.
ZAO Biospek, Moscow


Objective way of evaluating severity and treatment effectiveness in acne patients

Galkina E.M.

V.I. Rasumovskiy State Medical University, Saratov

16:45–17.25. Round table meeting 2. Teaching dermatoscopy

Co-chairs: Shuginina E.A., Klyuchareva S.V., Maximova A.S.

The attendance to the meeting is free of charge. All sessions will be broadcast via tv.dermatology.ru with no translation from Russian.