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Russian Society for Dermatoscopy

Russian Society of Dermatoscopy and Optical Diagnosis of Skin is a registered charity with domicile in Moscow, Russian Federation. The Society was founded in 2007. The President of Society is Dr. Yuri Sergeev Jr., founder of most popular in Russia permanent course in dermoscopy. To date, Society have conducted six major congresses and 16 other symposia with participation of over 3700 clinicians. See conference photo.

The Society today acts as an independent internationally active scientific body, currently maintaining the largest community of dermoscopists in Europe. We seek alliance and look forward for cooperation with international Societies for dermatoscopy and specialists from abroad Russia. Come and witness the great developments of dermoscopy in Russia! We produce the best dermatoscopes. We are the largest network of dermatologists. And we offer dermoscopy services for free - for all who speaks Russian and supports our cause.

For International Dermoscopy Society, please look at http://dermoscopy-ids.org/