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Общество дерматоскопии и оптической диагностики кожи

Российское общество дерматоскопии и оптической диагностики - общественная организация, созданная в 2007 г. по инициативе Национального альянся дерматологов и косметологов. В настоящее время это - официально зарегистрированное и активно действующее общество, способствующее развитию и внедрению методов дерматоскопии, оптической диагностики и цифровой визуализации кожи в практику дерматологов и врачей смежных специальностей. Основатель и Президент общества в 2007-2010 гг.- академик Сергеев Юрий Валентинович. Первый симпозиум общества состоялся в Санкт-Петербурге 22 ноября 2007 г., второй - в Москве 17 ноября 2008 г., конференции Общества проводятся ежегодно. C 2009 г. Общество аффилиировано с Международным обществом дерматоскопии (IDS). В 2010 г. Президентом Общества дерматоскопии избран к.м.н. Василий Юрьевич Сергеев, руководитель Инновационной программы Общества и создатель российского цифрового дерматоскопа РДС-1.

Заседания Общества

On the international success of Russian Dermoscopy

Перед открытием Венского Конгресса

The Fourth World Congress of Dermoscopy and Skin imaging was conducted in Vienna (Austria) on April 16-18, 2015, (President - Prof. Harald Kittler). Russian Society of Dermoscopy has sent to the Congress the official delegation, including the Chairman, Dr. Vasiliy Sergeev MD, Ph.D. (Board member, IDS), and the Board members Dr. Mikhail Ustinov and Yuri Sergeev Jr. Russian delegates made 3 oral presentations, including 2 at the session Dermoscopy around the world. The Chairman shared his vision of Russian Dermoscopy, originating from first publications of 1924-1928 to original (yet unknown in the West) developments of Soviet era, and to numerous advances of nowadays. Dr. Sergeev underscored the importance of Russian national tradition in dermoscopy maintained by the Russian Society, convening nation-wide congresses and awareness campaings, supporting activities from National terminology consenus to indigenous Russian monographs and dermoscopy devices. Concluding his talk, Dr. Sergeev presented the simple fact: in 2014, 18% physicians interested in dermoscopy in Europe were from Russia - as seen in Eurodermoscopy project, where Russian dermatologists from Crimea to Siberia took the first place (n=1481) among participating countries.

IFDC 2015 and 3 Russian Dermoscopy Congress

Открытие IFDC 2015VIII International Forum of Dermatovenerologists and Cosmetologists took place in Moscow on March 18-20, 2015. Over 1500 healthcare professionals participated, attending 27 breakout sessions, 12 symposia, 4 workshops, together with clinical case series, discussions and seminars. As an important part of the Forum, III All-Russian Congress on Dermoscopy and Optical Diagnosis of skin again attracted hundreds, with session hall being overcrowded by enthusiastic physicians both from dermatology and oncology fields. They were happy to learn about two new indigenous dermoscopy systems developed in Russia under the auspices of the Society and by the deeds of its leader, Dr. Vasily Sergeev. 

Lessons from II Russian Congress of Dermoscopy

В аудитории Конгресса по дерматоскопии

The Second Russian Congress of Dermoscopy was summoned by Russian Society of Dermatoscopy and Optical Diagnosis of Skin during VII IFDC in Moscow on March 19 and 20, 2014. The Society, having just renewed its executive board and declaring the ambitious Program at the fall of 2013, reported on the recent developments in the field. Unlike the previous congress, the agenda skipped the sessions on optical coherence tomography and fluorescence imaging, focusing only on dermoscopy, with key messages as follows:

  1. The 'innovations programme' of 2009-2013 is declared successful. The Russian HD digital dermatoscope (RDS-1) is produced serially and commercially available, Russia holds the patent. All RDS-1 devices are interconnected with dermoscopy network, allowing for instant remote automated diagnosis and machine vision with augmented imaging in real-time (PKAD client and server complex, installed in 26 regions of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine).  
  2. Cloud network of peers is developing, the separate server dermoscopy.ru to be launched in fall of 2014.
  3. Russian Expert Corps in Dermoscopy is summoned and will be acting as self-regulated entity.
  4. A cheaper version of dermatoscope with optional digital imaging is under development.
  5. The adaptor device connecting any traditional (cheap) dermatoscope with virtually every affordable digital camera is produced since 2013. The Society offers free adaptors to the clinicians actively promoting dermoscopy.
  6. The sophisticated RDS-2 dermatoscope is expected to enter production no later than mid-2015.
  7. Although the Society voted to support Russian editions of major dermoscopy textbooks, only original Russian monographs and textbooks on Dermoscopy will be promoted since 2014. The Society issues support statement for 2 original editions in 2014.
  8. The Society has decided to support EuroDermoscopy survey, conducted by IDS. National coordination group is installed on behalf of Society, with members active in all Federal Districts of Russia and CIS representatives. The questionnaire is translated in Russia, to be distributed in Q3, 2014.
  9. The Society has decided to support EuroMelanoma project, enhancing the Melanoma Day in Russia with clinical contests and offering all participants instant second-opinion service on May 26-28, 2014.

First Russian Dermoscopy Congress

На заседаниях 1 конгресса по дерматоскопии

The First Russian Congress on Dermoscopy and Optical Diagnosis of Skin took place in Moscow, on March 21 and 22, 2013. The congress, convened by the Russian Society of Dermoscopy, offered scientific and educational programme with plenary and breakout sessions, symposia on fluorescent diagnostics and optical coherent tomography, 5 educational workshops, round-table talks and consensus meetings on dermatoscopic standards and education. The congress hosted the foundation session of Russian Expert Corps on Dermatoscopy: the reference comission of diagnostic experts. More than 400 participants have attended the meetings freely, all sessions were broadcasted through http://tv.dermatology.ru. 

Conference of Russian Dermatoscopy Society

Актив сайта на стенде Общества дерматоскопииThe special two-day conference of Russian Dermatoscopy Society was organized during 2EAAD Congress in Moscow on March 22 and 23, 2012. About 150 dermatologists and oncologists attended to Society breakout sessions and symposia. On March 22, the 1st Russian consensus meeting on dermatoscopy nomenclature was convened with intense discussion following preliminary online voting by over 300 clinicians. On March 23, the Head of Russian Dermatoscopy Initiative, Vasily Y. Sergeev MD, Ph.D. declared the successfull completion of 2009-2012 programme of Russian Dermatoscopy Society, resulting with serial production of RDS-1 HD multispectral videodermatoscope and development of national teledermoscopy network. The device was on display at the Society booth during 2EAAD.